Our World Tuesday ~

'Whether women are better than men I can not say ~
but I can say they are certainly no worse.'
~ Golda Meir

Sailing away on
Evening tide on Cape Ann MA harbor

as we begin to transition to Autumn.

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  1. lovely. Finally back from my share of beach , water and boat watching which is just the best!

  2. These boats always look like so much fun.

  3. . . . and another exciting adventure begins!

  4. It looks so peaceful, wish I was there.

  5. Great scenery and beautiful photo.

  6. I could use a little sea air right now.

    Worth A Thousand Words

  7. Love it, Carol. Watching from the farm today on my day off!

  8. great quote... by a woman who was voted in to be their (apparently progressive) country's leader and spokesperson. The boat evokes romance, no?

  9. Beautiful shot. We are still in the 90s here. Summer hangs on.

    Have a fabulous day, Carol. Scritches and lovies to Ms. Zoe. ❤

  10. The light loved perfect for watching the last of the day.

  11. sailing sounds like a really good idea right now :)

  12. Lovely as always.

    Been thinking about your question with blog responses. If you are powered by Blogger, sometimes you might not be allowed to comment on Wordpress blogs if you link your blog to your comment. If you are powered by Wordpress and are commenting on a Wordpress blog and it doesn’t go through, it usually means Wordpress has decided your comment will need approval.

  13. Such a lovely looking boat …

    All the best Jan


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