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'I have a simple philosophy: 
Fill what's empty. Empty what's
full. Scratch where it itches.'
~ Alice Roosevelt Longworth

A haiku for you from Cape Ann MA.

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  1. Hari om
    pure haiku - bringing fresh air... YAM xx

  2. More than ever... your words bring fresh air to our smoke filled skies. You are a powerhouse lady too dear Carol. Thank you for gracing my life. XO

  3. The North wind is blowing here too. As we did our daily walk the leaves battered us. There is a grass that has the common name ' North Wind.' Have a great weekend. Love your haiku. Perfect for this windy cold day.

  4. Creative! The north wind is apt for what we have here today.

  5. A bit windy out your way? It's windy here too! I wonder what the winds will bring us? I hope it's something good!

  6. We've gotten the cold here now, too. Watched the wind play with the wet leaves all day.

  7. I liked the quote and your Haiku.

    All the best Jan


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