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'Every leaf speaks bliss to me.
Fluttering from the autumn tree.'
~ Emily Bronte

Looking more and more like Autumn on Cape Ann MA.

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  1. We have a few overachieving trees like this one that is turning colors early

  2. It's 87F here today and no colors yet. I am more than ready for fall colors and chilly breeze.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  3. We have one tree that changes color across the street from us. It's not quite ready yet, but soon.

    That is beautiful!

  4. Hari Om
    That's a candle, waiting for its wind. YAM xx

  5. Its that time of the year again when the leaves are starting to fall. Beautiful autumn colors. I like it.

  6. Hello, what a pretty tree, the leaves are beautiful color. Happy Fall! Enjoy your day and have a happy week ahead!

  7. Most beautiful. I also linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a fabulous day, Carol. Big hug to you and lots of scritches and lovies to Ms. Zoe. ♥

  8. The bliss has begun here. The only bad thing is that most leaves are falling because of the drought. UGLY. I wish they would go over and be done with this year's garden. That Emily did know how to turn a word.

  9. oh gosh- I grew up on the east coast til I was10 and I remember
    those glorious falls! Have a lovely day everyday with Zoe!

  10. I like the words from Emily Bronte, and your photograph is fabulous … what wonderful Autumn (fall) colour.

    All the best Jan

  11. gorgeous! I just used that very same quote on my latest post too:):) Hope you are feeling well. hugs!

  12. Enjoy the cheerful colorful season of autumn! Loved the glowing tree

  13. "Bliss" is a wonderful word, and very apt for this tree.


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