A Shutterbug Explores ~ ShadowShot Sunday2

'The future is completely open, and we
are writing it moment by moment.'
~ Pema Chodron

Ever so subtle shadows and light inside
lobster trap xmas tree on Cape Ann MA.
(see previous photo on blog of the tree itself.)

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  1. That's very interesting from inside the tree!

  2. the inside def make for a neat photo :)

  3. It's certainly a unique and beautiful tradition!

  4. It sort of looks spooky looking into the inside. Interesting shot.

  5. Interesting cages work on christmas tree! Hope it was a lovely beginning for you. Happy 2020

  6. What a lovely photo, I've never heard of a lobster trap Christmas tree, but then I've never lived in lobster territory either. Have a great week Zoe and Mom.

  7. A very interesting view! Of all the places I never expected to see, the inside of a lobster trap Xmas tree is right up there!

  8. Interesting perspective from inside...


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