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'Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.'
~ Mary Oliver

A  bit of our world on Cape Ann MA recently that 'astonished me.'

Ironically, I was on the way to the grocery store for 
hopefully the last time for awhile. It is crazy everywhere.
So I go to nature when I can (weather permitting) to
soothe my soul. Hard to find uncrowded nature spots now.

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  1. Hello , pretty view! I can see the geese and ducks through the grasses. Take care! Enjoy your new week!

  2. You're doing a good job of "telling about it". Thanks for sharing your world. :)

  3. Beautiful shot, any post starting out with a bit of Mary Oliver is a winner!!
    Stay safe!!

  4. That is a magical and almost 3D photo!

  5. We all have to turn to Mother Nature's beauty for comfort in these difficult times.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  6. Hari OM
    That is simply heart-lifting. Thank you for being there to capture it and then to share it with us. Strange times require us to find the balance where we can. YAM xx

  7. So many websites have been refusing my comments lately, i hope mine are not coming through as anonymous.

    Hope you don't have to go out for anything for quite a while, it is safer that way.

  8. Mary does always encourage us to enjoy nature. I think it is funny that people are flocking to the parks now. We are usually the only ones there when it is this cold. ha.. The exercise places are shut down. The park looks better to them now.

  9. Lovely photo. Finding secluded places to walk just for a short time each day is not easy.

  10. It's tough, isn't it, I am thankful for our forest.

  11. gorgeous photo and quote my friend!

  12. Carol - more than ever, I think we appreciate the little things. A silver lining, I suppose. Thanks for sharing, and stay well!

  13. Beautiful scenery! Nature soothes our soul for sure. It’s all crazy out there but cherry blossoms are blooming so calmly and beautifully here :-)

  14. Beauty in the most common places.

  15. Such a wonderful scene, a lovely photograph.
    Nature is so good for soothing the soul.

    All the best Jan

  16. We're lockdown! Hope u stay safe and all things get back to normal. No doubt nature soothes like anything.


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