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A haiku from Cape Ann MA.

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  1. How lovely! The forsythia are blooming here too! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  2. This lovely Carol, your words open my heart and I see these blooms just as you have painted them in your haiku. Thank you!

  3. lovely. The bright yellow forsythia is a bright ray of sunshine isn't it...

  4. There's nothing like forsythias to announce the coming of spring!

  5. Love this haiku. It is so picturesque. It is oh so true. Have a great weekend.

  6. Looking forward to many flowers in the coming months.

  7. Aaah, Forythia brings me back to my childhood years: lovely memories of the 'field' behind our house my uncle had sown Forythia (he was a florist and used the flowers for bouquets...) When we were little, my brother and I called it "Uncle Jan's woods." Have a lovely weekend filled with sunshine and flowers dear! Hug-from-a-distance.

  8. yellow is a happy color, dont you think? And rain, so cleansing.

  9. Hurrah for April showers
    Happy Sunday Carol


  10. I LOVE forsythia - a row of bushes lining the back fence of my childhood yard. beautiful image and photo.

  11. I don't know anyone, or any plant, that doesn't welcome spring rain--as long as it's gentle!


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