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'The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.'
~ Rumi

Gloucester (Glosta) City Hall ~ one of the towns
considered Cape Ann MA ~ 

Not much traffic or people and now they are posting 
'No Parking' signs all around the boulevard (lower left corner of photo) and park.
Like everything ~ the few that are not following the
6 feet or more distance between people ~ ruin
it for those that have been following the rule.
How are the times where you are?????

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  1. Carol what a beautiful town! At first I thought it was somewhere in Central Europe but then your caption informed me that it's in Massachusetts! How beautiful that place is you are at!

    I very much agree to what you said, and it gets tiring at times that all the efforts we put in staying our homes are being wasted because of those people outside our houses that kept going outside recklessly and not observing the safe distance. I just really hope that our local government would start moving because the numbers are getting higher and higher for our city and it feels a bit hopeless to see an end to this.

    Stay Safe and please send my hugs to Miss Zoe!

  2. I wonder whether some people know what 2metres looks like!

  3. i would love to walk around that town. it looks so quaint. Around here, I didn't go out over th weekend because in these mountains it is a normal tourist trap in the spring summer and winter..heck all year long. i know from what I have been reading that there have been a lot of crowds - but don't know first hand if they are observing the rules at all. We were going to go out today but have plumbers here at the house working under the house where there is a leak. Will go out tomorrow and enjoy springtime and probably not many being out.

  4. We live semi-rurally, so things are easier here. However, our area has none of the New England charm of Gloucester! Enjoye and am pondering the Rumi quote.

  5. A lovely town. Many here are ignoring the rules, more so every day.

  6. Very pretty! Our crazy state is opening up but not many here followed social distancing!

  7. How beautiful the skyline. I'm glad you shared this photo today. Keep safe.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  8. ‘Bout the same. Some idiots ignoring the recommendations. Most people trying their best I think. Although we don’t go out much.... I walk the neighborhood river paths and people are few...those I do see leave lots of space. We’ve had groceries delivered once since we’ve been home and Bill has gone twice to “vulnerable shoppers hour” (at 6AM!) for bread, milk and a few things we forgot. He said people are all wearing masks and the store provided plastic gloves for those who didn’t have their own.

  9. Pretty little town. Here in Oklahoma, we have lots of room. Most of the places I go I don't see anybody!! Still, since the governor announced opening of the some of the businesses a lot of the people have just dropped all protections. Shaking my head!!

  10. Love the quote on this one and the photo.
    Here I think people are doing pretty good with distancing. At least we don't see many people out and about. I live in a very rural place. Unless there is an event there aren't big gatherings. That being said the Farmers Market is supposed to open. I wonder how they will handle that???

  11. Hello, Carol!
    Beautiful view of the City Hall! Take care, have a happy day!

  12. Beautiful photo of Glosta.
    I miss Massachusetts all the time.
    I rarely see folks in stores without masks. Out and About, lots of people not wearing gloves or a mask, but they are usually in their vehicle.
    Stay Well & Safe!

  13. Carol - yes, it's sad when most people follow the rules but still suffer consequences. Gloucester looks like a lovely place. The Governor of Montana has approved a phase one re-opening this week. We've had one of the lowest case rates per capita, and it has significantly declined. Personally, we are still a bit nervous; we are going to take our next steps slowly. Stay well!

  14. Looks much like a fairytale village!
    We've been staying home for almost 2 months now. The fine for those violating the strict curfew and boundaries limits is 10,000 Saudi riyals (about $2500 US). The curfew imposed has been loosened somewhat for Ramadan, and the crazy people are out in full force. But not us. Stay well!


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