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'Do not wait for leaders; do it alone.'
~ Mother Theresa

A crow or raven on Cape Ann MA.

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  1. Hello, pretty capture, love the wingspan and sky background! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, stay safe! Enjoy your day, happy weekend.

  2. Hari Om
    Oh, that quote - so pertinent today! Hugs from afar. YAM xx

  3. We always say they are crows in town and ravens in the bush. Not sure if that is true, but town birds always look smaller. - Margy

  4. Carol, that is a very powerful quote you shared with us from Mother Teresa. this is exactly what is happening in the Philippines where all of us are fighting on our own because our government is not doing its job, not doing it well but doing it at all. We're just so lucky that there are still a lot of people doing it alone for the sake of others as well. Stay safe and sending you a warm hug for you and Zoe for the rest of the Weekend!

  5. We have the big Ravens here in FL and they are noisy! What a neat photo you took of one in flight! Take care!

  6. Great quote, and a cool shot of the raven or crow with the wings out!

  7. A big one!

    I'll have a fresh post coming up at my blog in a few hours.

  8. Hello. I like that quote. Photo is great. Take care!

  9. Nice photo, it has a philosophical vibe, a thinking picture.

  10. What a beautiful photo. Mother Teresa is such a treasure.

  11. I agree with the quote - sometimes leaders lead us astray. If you do it on your own, at least you are in charge of your own life..i like that...quote...and the crow/raven.

  12. Those big, beautiful and intelligent black birds are among my favorites.


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