A ShutterBug Explores ~ Saturday Critters

'Nothing is sufficient for the person who
finds sufficiency too little.'
~ Epicurus

Crow/Ravens seem to like this tree on Cape Ann MA 
may even be a family there as I saw two of them.

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  1. Hello, great capture of the Crow! Love the quote. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  2. Hari OM
    Must be a good lookout! YAM xx

  3. How cute is that crow and I agree with Eileen, that quote is very special and talks so much about being grateful! Love this first day of the weekend Carol, hope your Saturday is going good too!

  4. A lovely image Carol! A great quote also. Thank you!

  5. So nice that they have taken up residence in your tree.

  6. They probably make quite a racket at first light.

  7. That quote is so true. "Enough" is such a profound concept.

    Nice pic of the crow. :-)

  8. Wonderful photo! I have found so many birds out and about this spring! Loving it! Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  9. Hello. Beautiful photo. Take care!

  10. Beautiful photo, I hope it is a family and you can see the little ones soon. I just love that quote.

  11. It is a joy to watch the babies all around in the spring.

  12. nice shot! We have a family of crows that have been frequenting our yard lately. I just don't like that they go after the smaller birds. Hope you're enjoying some good, sunny, warmish weather. happy Sunday!

  13. Crows nest near us each year so we often have them "talking" to each other in the trees in and around our garden. They are quite vocal. It would be a big excitement if a raven showed up.


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