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'No man is a failure who is enjoying life.'
~ William Faulkner

A bit of Our World on Cape Ann MA
It is a very different summer here in 2020

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  1. Your world is beautiful, love the view! Great quote, I hope you are enjoying life.
    Enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  2. you're still on the water, strange not to see ships

  3. That is a very nice looking scene in your photograph.

    Summer worldwide is different this year isn't it …

    All the best Jan

  4. Hari OM
    I do believe a dragon flies yonder... YAM xx

  5. I'm sure it's darn quiet but it sure is pretty!

  6. What a beautiful view, Carol. Hope you're safe and well.

  7. For sure. I would normally expect to see so many more boats out there. I would be of the thinking that I could get out to enjoy the water and not be around many.
    William and I are of the same thinking too. ;)

  8. What a beautiful scenery!
    It's going to be a very different summer for sure. Wishing you stay safe xo

  9. So serene. I'd love to sit on this shore and watch the boats drift by.

  10. Great vote. A very different world everywhere at the moment.

  11. wow I'd like to live in those houses, what a view you'd get over the water.

  12. Carol - it's as though someone drew those clouds in the sky! Happy Fourth of July!

  13. You have the most beautiful view! Careful with these photos, you may get another tourist or two to Cape Ann!

  14. Different summer, yes, but that view will always be so beautiful...

  15. i like the look of your blog! and that's another beautiful view.


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