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'Those who need us give us a hold upon life.'
~ Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Angel from the archives ~ between Covid and my sweet Yorkie dying 
I can't seem to create much or be positive. Forgive me.

We are sharing with: Paint Party Friday.

I  love your comments. Thank you.

'Zoe' (in memoriam)



  1. Many of us know your emotions. Be well and stay safe. Rest well sweet Zoe.

  2. this is a cute angel picture!
    Happy PPF, Elke

  3. Sorry you are not feeling so good. Take your time to heal! Sending love and good vibes, Valerie

  4. We understand, Carol. We were the same way when our precious Little Bit went to the bridge.

    Big healing hugs, my friend. ♥

  5. I find I can't create anything new at the moment either. But it's nice to look at old work and maybe get something positive from them.

    Have a lovely day.

  6. Hari OM
    No forgiveness required... YAM xx

  7. Lovely one from the archives, feel better soon Carol, although it takes time.

  8. So beautiful with the digital orbs background. Wishing you love and light. Happy PPF

  9. You will get there when you least expect it. Hugs.

  10. It is a hard time and it will take time to get back to yourself. I love seeing the angels from the past. Hugs and have a nice weekend.

  11. So understandable - ...you'll get that inspiration back at some point .

  12. Did you get your ideal for your rock painting from comet.

  13. oh I understand, hope you're ok *hugs*

  14. Oh Carol my dear I am so terribly sorry to learn about Zoe’s passing. I looked forward to seeing her every time I visited you. She was one of a kind, such a big personality in a small and beautiful package. Thank you for sharing all the joy and smiles she brought.


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