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A Haiku from Cape Ann MA.

(light ever present
shines bright through darkness winning
tumbling on evil)

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'Zoe' (in memoriam)


  1. I like to see the light as peace as well and your haiku is really profound to me. Light should always win! Have a grand weekend!

  2. Your haiku is carried to me on the wings of the birds at your feeder and your sweet angel, Zoe. I love the pic of her on the blanket. Thank you dear Carol.

  3. Hari OM
    Yes, all hail The Light! YAM xx

  4. may that light always guide you. Happy Friday

    much love...

  5. Yes. Light shall always triumph over evil Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Lovely haiku. Coming out of the darkness with a new angel by your side. Hugs to you and Angel!

  7. What a beautiful yellow bird.
    I don't see darkness as evil, personally. But I do hope that a light shines into the dark ages that we seem to be living in.

  8. Although the light is ever present, it's sometimes hard to see.

  9. Beautiful - and light is always welcome - light makes the darkness disappear.

  10. carol-it is always, all ways...about the light! thank you for sharing yours. xoxo

  11. May the light send the darkness away trembling.

  12. That is such a wonderful haiku, I love it.

  13. Yes, there is always light. We may not be able to see it, but it is there. Glorious!


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