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'The state calls its own violence 'law', but that
of the individual 'crime.'
~ Max Stirner

A gentle pink sunset on Cape Ann MA.

Skies have been rather hazy ~ someone suggested it was
due to the fires on the west coast.

We are sharing with: Yogi's SkyWatch Friday.

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'Zoe' (in memoriam)


  1. You have a wonderful view. The fires are so huge that they have affected the entire continent it seems. I hope it will all be over soon and no more death and destruction caused by the fires. Keep safe.

  2. Still, your sky is so very pretty, we enjoy seeing it!

  3. like the soft colors in your image

  4. Beautiful shot. Amazing and disturbing to realize the fires here in CA are impacting the entire country. I guess we really are all in this together. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

  5. Beautiful shot!! Say hello to Angel for me.

  6. Hari OM
    It could be smoke residue - but that too, in the end, is part of nature. This is a delightful scene. YAM xx

  7. Hello,

    Pretty sunset view!
    Take care, enjoy your day! Happy weekend!

  8. Beautiful, even if hazy. Praying those fires are over soon.

  9. This pretty soft horizon likely has smoke in it ... but thankfully not as much as there could be.


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