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A haiga from Cape Ann MA

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Angel ~ my recent rescue ~ love her ~ Xox

'Zoe' in memoriam ~ Xox~ love her still.



  1. Some days are foggy. And then looking for clarity becomes too laborious and we just quit! Thank God for tomorrow! Wisihing you a wonderful weekeknd!

  2. Ah, yes, things often do appear to be blurry during this LOOOOONG pandemic season. May it all be different--in a better way--a year from now!

  3. It is a brave act of the heart to breath into the mystery of these unclear moments... a big hug to you and your little Angle, dear Carol.

  4. I do hope some light penetrates the grey. :-)

  5. Lovely words and image :)

    All the best Jan

  6. Those days come, but they do not stay. It's one thing i like about reading the King James Version of the Bible, so often it says "it came to pass." Never does it say, "It came to stay!"

  7. Grey is upon my area too. Sogoes life sometimes. This too will pass.

  8. Looking forward to tomorrow's free flight.

  9. This is truly beautiful. Just wanted you to know your comments are coming through perfectly.

  10. your haiku is so beautiful paired with this stunning photo. i hope the sun has returned to light your way. xo


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