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'The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but 
plunges him more deeply into them.'

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Hopefully, the last snowstorm this year on Cape Ann MA.

Our back yard on Cape Ann MA looking so lovely in recent snowstorm.


Doves at the feeder ~ they were everywhere ~ what a sight! 


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    Angel ~ my rescue  yorkie ~ love her ~ Xox

    'Zoe' in memoriam ~ Xox~ love her still.


  1. Snow, you are beautiful, it's time to give way for spring.

  2. Nourishment! Oh ... these doves are so lucky to have found your feeder in the snow.

  3. So pretty! I'm sure it's awfully cold, too. Does the lake freeze?

  4. It looks so pristine and beautiful. Hope you are still able to get out and about despite the weather. Keep safe.

  5. As beautiful as it is I am sure you are ready for the snow to be gone. At least I was happy when our snow melted. We have had a few truly spring-like days here. A couple of crocus are blooming. FUN... Wishing you a good week.

  6. Lovely capture and views over there! Enjoy the last part of the snow season.
    Take care

  7. WOW, even your Brrrr Cold looks beautiful!

  8. It's warm outside here. It won't last, but it's warm right now. I'm so ready for spring.

    Have a fabulous day, Carol. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Angel. ♥

  9. Yes, let's hope it's the last of the snow for this season! How cool to have so many mourning doves at the feeder.

  10. Hopefully it starts thawing out for you there soon.


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