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'Time is a game played beautifully by children.'

~ Heraclitus

Recent photo with less people on schooner on Cape Ann MA.

Gradually, Cape Ann MA is opening up but still being safe after the Covid ~ Glad to see less people on the schooner this time in the newer photo ~ As you can see more pleasure boats are now in the water. Summertime at its best.

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    Angel ~ my rescue  yorkie ~ love her ~ Xox

    'Zoe' in memoriam ~ Xox~ love her always.



  1. I'm glad to see more people getting out but still concerned about Covid.

  2. A very pleasant view of the ships in the bay there in Cape Ann.
    I am sad to see that Zoe has passed on but glad that you now have Angel!

  3. It looks like the perfect summer's day.

  4. It's nice to see people out enjoying life on the water again.

  5. It is so beautiful and serene along the waterfront. I wonder if time exists for children. Bedtime was the only time I didn’t like as a kid. :)

  6. We could sustain a safe environment if all work with consciousness and maintain distance. Good to see people come out again with a lesser number. Take care

  7. Yes, seeing all of these boats on the water screams summer and it fill my sails with joy.

    1. Hi Lisa ~ thank you for continuing to comment even though you no longer have your blog ~ wish you did ~ Happy Day to you ~ Xo

  8. Pretty scene!
    Have a blessed day!

  9. Much safer to have less people aboard. Enjoy your gorgeous views!

  10. I love that photo. A little bit it reminds me of Gig Harbor in Washington - a place I love to visit when we are up there.


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