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'Taking photographs is a way of shouting or freeing oneself, not of proving or

asserting one's own originality. It is is a way of life.

~ Henri Cartier Bresson

On a clear day on Cape Ann MA.


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    Angel ~ my rescue  yorkie ~ love her ~ Xox

    'Zoe' in memoriam ~ Xox~ love her always.


  1. One of those pretty, forever days that you remember and cherish.

  2. I love all your summer shots of the harbor.

  3. Gorgeous scenery, what's the building on the other side?

  4. That is a clear day and so beautiful.

  5. Very nice! The blue water is so sunny, it is nice to see summer.

  6. Beautiful quote. Beautiful waters! Hope you are staying well and have a wonderful week.

  7. Glorious shades of blue. Have a good week.

  8. So beautiful -- so peaceful. Interesting quote... there are at least a couple of schools of thought about taking lots of photos -- some people say it keeps you from really seeing while others say it helps you to see. (all us photo bloggers are the second one of course). They also help me remember!

  9. Nothing better than being out on the water. It's most relaxing.

    Have a fabulous day, Carol. Love and hugs to you both. ♥


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