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A haiku from Cape Ann MA/

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  1. They remain on earth for such a long time. I wonder

    Happy weekend
    much love...

  2. oh yes- i believe so! have your read about the deeper understanding of trees, their web of roots that make a whole interwoven world? and how one type of tree will let minerals and even water pass them by to aid in the preservation of other trees? they are remarkable. if only humans worked together to enrich each others lives and of course this entire gorgeous eco system we call earth. love and light to you my friend!

  3. I think they do, have memory mind, in every cell of their being. In the leaves that fall and in the roots that continue underground, connecting all that is unseen. Wonderful haiku and photo, dear Carol! Thank you!

  4. Yes, yes. I believe they do have memories. Not like ours, but a different memory system that Mother Nature gave them. Awesome, thought provoking haiku.

  5. I do think trees have memories.. the stories they could tell! When you listen closely, you hear them whisper... wonderful haiku!

  6. Lovely. I wonder about the trees and the stories they hold.

  7. There is, i believe, a memory in their DNA.


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