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'Be courageous, care for others, a hero lives in you.'

~ Allison Crowther

The cardinal again on Cape Ann MA ~
a bit blurred ~ but hey, they don't stay still very long ~ 

We are sharing with: Eileen's Saturday Critters.

Prayers for the people of the Ukraine

 I love your comments. Thank You.



    Angel who rescued me ~ Xo

    'Zoe' in memoriam ~ Xox~ love her always.


  1. Ah, Carol! I once followed your blog, but time and fickle computers changed things. Now I find you here among Nicole’s comments for her “Friday Face Off” we are doing together. It was Nicole’s idea to do it and I’m already, after only one face, very much into it! Your fur baby continues to warm my heart, and what it has done for you to have her in your life is nothing short of inspiring. My husband wanted a dog after retiring, so now I have one too! He’s bigger, a rescue who came to us with some PTSD issues from his former young life, and I love him beyond belief. My heart is broken for suffering people around the world. I so wish it would never happen, but there will always be madmen somewhere in this world. It has always been thus. Our daughter is about to have our 4th grandchild perhaps even this month, so we will be making a trip from our home in NJ to MA soon. She lives in Ashland. We’d like to be closer to her and have looked around to move, but so far no luck. It will happen, Lord willing. So very good to be back with your blog. It’s on my reading list now, missed you!

  2. Carol! I left you a long heart felt comment. Did you receive it? I’ll try to recreate it if you didn’t. I’ve been having blogcomment issues for awhile now. 😟

  3. It sure is colorful on a winter day! Happy weekend!

  4. I’m hunting and pecking here Carol, looking for the long comment I made on your blog. I also sent you a follow up, just to ask if you received the long comment. I guess I’m still wondering if you got both of them, I hope so. Poured out my heart in the long one. 😊

  5. Beautiful Cardinal!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hello Carol,

    Beautiful capture of the Cardinal. I always enjoy seeing your sweet dogs.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  7. They are so beautiful - and not seen here.

  8. They're also shy and hard to catch with the camera.

  9. I adore cardinals! Such a great bit of colour.

  10. I still gasp in awe whenever I see a cardinal -- we don't have anything like them in the Pacific Northwest and it was so wonderful when we saw them for the first time in traveling.

  11. That quote is so true for our animal friends


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