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'Listening is where love begins; listening to ourselves and then
to our neighbors.'

~ Mr. Rogers

A bit of fun with the angels on Cape Ann MA

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Art for Fun

Prayers for the people of the Ukraine

Ziggy ~ my new assistant 

  • Ziggy ~ my assistant ~ resting after work

    I love your supportive comments. Thank you.




  1. Your sweet angels made me feel very happy.
    Thanks for linking up to Art For Fun Friday today


  2. Love the angels. I'm joyous most of the time. As you are.

    Aw on Ziggy. So adorable.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Carol. Love and hugs to you and Ziggy. ♥

  3. Adorable piece. Glad you have Ziggy now.

  4. Darling cartoon. Being a good listener takes lots of work. I'm a talker by nature; however, when I started working with international students I learned the importance of listening
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Yes, this is a joyous piece. Have a nice weekend.

  6. It is joyous to see your creativity.

  7. Love your angels.
    Sweet pictures of Ziggy.

    All the best Jan

  8. These 2 angels are adorable. and I'm glad Ziggy gets a break from work. (smile). Happy weekend. hugs-Erika

  9. They are darlings! I love their sweet smiles.


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