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'knowing others is intelligence

knowing yourself is true wisdom

mastering others is strength,

mastering yourself is true power.'

~ Lao Txu


Sweet 'etegami' type art work 
from Cape Ann MA.

We are sharing with: 

  • Art Date

    Prayers for the people of the Ukraine

    Ziggy ~ my assistant 

    • Carol and her assistant


  1. aww really cute, you can have all my carrots bunny 😀

  2. I'm a huge rabbit fan, so I love this! And the carrot too!

  3. Cute etegami.
    Have a nice weekend Carol.


  4. Great quote, and a wonderful work of art from you!

  5. How on earth do you pronounce Txu? I will think myself wise if I ever figure it out :) Love your Etegami art (I had to look it up in Google, then the description sounded familiar, so I am thinking I must have looked it up the last time you did one :( What ever, your rabbit is adorable and definitely worth it's weight in carrots (or should I say Karats). Love this post and hoping all is well with you and Ziggy :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. Great quote by Laozi - he certainly is one of the Chinese philosophers that speaks the most to me.
    Cute bunny art!

  7. Such a cute bunny, Carol! And the Lao Txu quote is powerful. Have a great weekend!

  8. I tried to leave you a comment last week. I tried for THREE days and got "Failed to Publish" every time. I loved your nod to Chinese New Year and that great carrot, too.

  9. That's a beautiful painting Carol! ♥ And wise words too!


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