A ShutterBug Explores ~ Thankful Thursday


Thankful to be inside on this very frigid day this past Saturday
 on Cape Ann MA.

What you see in the photo is what we call 'Sea Smoke' ~ happens when
the air is colder than the ocean (simple explanation)


~ for being warm and cozy in the house when it got so cold

~ for having my little fur person snuggling in his bed or on my lap

~ for having everyone safe and warm 

~ that winter is 'time limited' 

~ for others such as homeless having shelters to go to safe from the cold

~ for sunshine when it appears (not real frequently lately.)

~ for having a cup of tea with my sister day after the frigid day

~ for family and friends

~ for my blog land friends and their continued support

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  • Thankful Thursday

    Prayers for the people of the Ukraine

    Ziggy ~ my assistant 

    • Carol and her assistant


  1. I've never seen sea smoke before. The photo is gorgeous. Would make a beautiful painting too!

  2. Beautiful thankfuls today. I just love that 'sea smoke', lovely capture!

  3. We have much to be grateful for ...
    That is a nice photograph.

    All the best Jan

  4. There are always blessings, aren't there.

  5. Lovely thankfuls and your warm pup is such a precious one. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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