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'If you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at the people He gives it to.'

~ Alexander Pope

Nature's gem and a haiku from Cape Ann MA.

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  1. Hip Hip hooray...INDEED
    be still and know yourself
    Hugs to you and Z

  2. Its hard to know self, but I try. Lovely flower. Always leave here feeling peaceful.

  3. Wonderful words
    My favorite rose is the Rock Rose.

  4. Such wise words in your haiku, Carol! And truly nature's gems in your photo! Thank you! I hope you and Ziggy have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Beautiful photo and yes, things do fly by. Catch the moments and enjoy them.

  6. Beautiful photo and yes, things do fly by. Catch the moments and enjoy them.

  7. Time seems to go faster when we get older... but then we may know our self better when we age too... love your haiku! Enjoy your weekend, hug from the Netherlands.

  8. Lovely haiku and wonderful sentiment. Have a grand weekend! Thank you for your kind visit! Cathy

  9. Great photo and great poem. I love your advice to be still.

  10. That is a beautiful flower.

    All the best Jan

  11. dear one, i just want to stretch out across your flowery earth and watch the clouds go by!!! major life change-
    my mom was discharged from the hospital. she is however- not allowed to return alone. i woke up on my birthday following this unexpected news and hurriedly packed. my life as i have known it is completely upside down as i scramble to make her home safe and answer her every need. not knowing the path ahead- i need to say goodbye to our friday haiku circle until i adjust to this new life. i'm working on a way to keep the haiku fire burning! hopefully you will find my post and all will be as best as it can be! xoxox


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