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Storm coming on Cape Ann MA


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  1. Carol bravo times a gazillion on the words and photo. Your photos from your deck are amazing
    Hugs to you and Ziggy

  2. I think we will get storms soon. We have had no rain for so long and everything is brown. BUT....don't want those tropical things that form in the Atlantic. No, no, no!! That collage painting of the red sails in the sunset.....yes! Nice!

  3. Such an atmospheric photo today. Here in NE Scotland we are starting to forget what a raincloud looks like.

  4. The storms leave no one in doubt we are not in charge of weather.

  5. Very pretty words and a beautiful image!

  6. We here in the Southwest always give thanks for the life-giving rain.

  7. Moody days indeed loved the words wooly raindrops!
    Have a calm day.
    Wren x

  8. Have loved our Friday visitis. Lovely haiku! Cathy


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