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Nature's beauty and a haiku from Cape Ann MA

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  1. They are indeed Carol.
    Another award winning water scape
    Hugs to you and Z

  2. Next is this weekend of more rain. I hope you are doing well, and not dealing with smokey air issues. It has been a weird week. Your haiku lifts my spirits. Hugs!

  3. What next indeed. We just spent a week in normally rain-drenched NWScotland. Barely a cloud in sight, bogs drying out and worries about water supplies.

  4. BEautifully expressed!
    These are such scary times...

  5. We are not sure we want to know what is next!

  6. I dare not ask what's next. Better to stick my head in the sand. Better to not know, so not worry. Your nature is indeed beautiful!

  7. Your slice of nature is a true beauty though!

  8. It's a beautiful place, i hope it stays that way, come what may.


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