A ShutterBug Explores ~ SkyWatch Friday

Rain or clouds for several days recently
on Cape Ann MA.

A pastel sky at night finally
on Cape Ann MA.


Kite in tree in better weather
 on Cape Ann MA

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  1. I really like the picture with the naked tree (kwarkito)

  2. Nice skies! Seeing the first photo, I almost wanted to wipe the water drops off my computer scree,

  3. Rain on the glass is such a beautiful thing in pictures and gives hope to the dry places.

  4. The kite in a tree! Good picture
    Finally sunshine the last couple of days here in Vermont. Stay cool

  5. All your skies are stunning no matter the weather
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. We have also been having lots of rain this spring into summer season. My tomatoes are yearning for some sun and heat!

  7. Rain or shine, your photos are beautiful.

  8. The raindrops add a lot of character to the first photo. The (dead?) tree in the final photo was a nice find, too.

  9. What beautiful photos, each and every one. Sorry we are not here more often, so many of your
    lovely images (postings) just aren't reaching us ... but love what you do!

  10. #1 Car wash for the cape? #2 Then what cape looks like later. #3 and that soul naked tree is OUTSTANDING. What a find!


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