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Familiar sky on Cape Ann MA this summer.

We have had rare days of sunshine and more rain predicted but humidity is the most difficult. Yet, weather is not as bad as parts of our country. Counting blessings.

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  1. Pretty sky. I can handle the heat, but not the humidity.

  2. We also have had fickle weather here in Connecticut. Our house guests lucked out with a very pleasant visit to Boston, in between thunderstorms and local flooding.

  3. The brooding sky has its charms but balance, in the end, is bliss. :)

  4. Great shot of the sky. The humidity is killing us here!!

  5. I pray you get more blue in the next days and weeks.

  6. The sky is very interesting and pretty though.

  7. Like you, I am beyond grateful for ordinary weather which is what we're having here in Oregon right now. You are closer to where there are disasters, so I know you are doubly grateful. Lovely sky and may it continue for you for the rest of the summer (and may the rest of the East Coast recover soon.)

  8. It's a beautifully dramatic sky.

  9. Wishing you blue skies and less humidity. It's really humid where I live in New York but grateful we escaped the flooding.


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