A ShutterBug Explores ~ Saturday Critters

Think this is a 'Sparrow Hawk' 
Neighbor took these photos from her house.

Cape Ann MA.

Same 'hawk' ~  ~ different view in neighbor's yard

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My sweet assistant

Carol and her assistant



  1. That's a big bird but he needs a drink too. I hope your weather is not bad and you don't get too much wind and rain. Stay safe this weekend!

  2. Nice pics of the hawk! He must have been thirsty to stop at the birdbath.

  3. Amazing to see a Hawk at a birdbath!

  4. Wow! I hope there was no little birds nearby.

  5. OMCs that is one handsome fella. We have a lots flying over the house. Every so often one will swoop in for a look see at the feeder. Of course the hawks make such a ruckus the birds scatter.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Hello Carol,
    What a beautiful hawk, wonderful photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  7. That is such a beautiful and regal looking hawk!

  8. Wow! How special. I hope you and your assistant are doing well.

  9. He's certainly regal looking. As Ms. G would say of the hawk that sometimes comes to her yard where she feeds the birds, "He's window shopping."

  10. Great shots of the handsome bird. Red-tailed hawk?

  11. Incredible the photograph of the Bird in the garden. Really Big.


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