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Seasons on Cape Ann MA 

( mixed media ~ pen and ink, watercolor and digital )

My favorite season is Autumn ~ now living each day

through Winter ~ What is your favorite season? 

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My sweet assistant ~ 💖 

Carol and her assistant ~ 💕 


  1. Carol I love fall and spring. What a delightful photo. OMDs that butterfly is beautiful...so tiny yet perfectly painted.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Ohhhh Carol, this is just lovely. Your art is so pleasing. Thank you for sharing with FFO and have a lovely day.

  3. The autumn girl, your assistant and you Carol, you all are sweet and lovely looking ❤️😘

  4. Autumn is my fave season, too! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  5. Very nice Carol.
    Thanks for linking to AFFF


  6. I can never make up my mind about which season my favourite. They all have their good and bad sides!

  7. Very nice. I was browsing my September photographs this morning. I miss the autumn warmth of colors. Hug!

  8. I find it peaceful watch leave fall to the ground.

  9. Favorite season? If I'm not sweating like crazy and my hands aren't icicles, it's my favorite!

  10. I love her hair. I hope she likes curls, otherwise I bet she complains about it though-grin. Have a lovely weekend Carol. hugs-Erika

  11. Nice drawing. Autumn is my favorite too, but I don't mind winter. XO

  12. I love all the seasons, except now I'm finding winter harder to take. Cute image! Have a good week!

  13. I like your art.
    Spring and Autumn are my two favourite seasons.

    All the best Jan


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