A ShutterBug Explores ~ Nature Friday


Another 'haiga' from Cape Ann MA 

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Nature Friday ~ 👀

Prayers for all. 💗


My sweet assistant ~ 💖

Carol and her assistant ~ 💕


  1. Grand quote...for sure that is how it is just before dusk when all the birdies come in for the last feeding
    Hugs to you both

  2. LOL...I totally understand that....the birds just love dinnertime! Beautiful Haiga and photo this week!

  3. That sounds like our kitchen at mealtime. Mom quietly makes up our food and then we overtake everything and wolf down our meals.

  4. Yes, very nice and watching the chaos is fun!

  5. Once you hang the feeder and you are safely back indoors, they will all be there.

  6. Testing comments ~ some people seem to be having problems commenting???


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