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Since I have been learning, collecting data for several years now, Through application of that knowledge I gained a bit of wisdom yet am still a 'work in progress.' This page is about my 'living and learning'. The following will be an on going list of what I have learned. Please feel free to comment with something you learned and I will add it to the growing list.

~ 'Everything has its place. Everything has its season. As events turn, balance is to know what is here, what is coming and how to be in perfect harmony with it. Then one attains a state of sublimity that can not be challenged.' ~  (Deng Ming- Dao)

~ All any of us have for time is 'now'. Life can change sometimes dramatically in a nano second. Learn to roll with it.

~ Time is the 'gift' given to us at birth. We also begin to age at birth; yet, when we reach our 'later years', whenever we determine that to be, it seems to have happened over night.

~ The 'sacred' ~ the divine' is in all peoples, animals and even inanimate objects. Honor them.

~ You need to deeply love yourself to truly love another.

~ You choose your life path. Honor and follow your own energy.

~ So be it - So it is.

~ Let it be  - Let Go

~ Don't Panic ~ relax

~ Breathe

~ Grateful everyday ~ morning and night  and times in between ~

~ We only have the moment ~ 

I say Thank you. Xo


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