Through the lens Cape Ann MA comes alive with nature.

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Now seeing more of the few fishing boats out now and less leisure craft.

Don't you wonder what this l'il guy is thinking ~ He was at the local fair on Cape Ann MA 

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Friday Photo Journal

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Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

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Haiku My Heart

Haiku Friday

'X' for 'xanthic' ~ meaning yellow, yellowish'  ~
Resting on the bench at the Fair. Had to look up words in my thesaurus ~
You didn't think I used that word everyday?
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Alphabe Thursday

My 'little assistant' at the local Essex MA Fair ~ sharing with:

Little Things Thursday

'P' for Popsicles at the Fair ~ These three looked like they were having a wonderful time!

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Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday

Rain and Wind ~ a Nor'Easter on Cape Ann MA ~ power losses, trees down
 so had to add a little sparkle to my photo ~

We were cozy, dry and warm, gratefully.
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Black and White Wednesday

A classic Rainbow on Cape Ann MA recently after a rain storm ~ sharing with:

Our World Tuesday

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