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A Shutterbug explores the surrounding areas of Cape Ann MA each week with her camera and her assistant, most times. We do look for 'the magic' and sometimes it appears when we are seemingly not looking. What a gift! What treasures nature offers! 
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'Do every act of your life as though
it were your last act of your life.'
~ Marcus Aurelis

TUESDAY ~ Our World Tuesday ~ 
Looking across the harbor only buoys in the water and cold blue water.

Our world 
on Cape Ann MA has been a better Winter than last year but there is still February and March.
Anything can come for weather ~ It has been known to snow in May. Good thing is it melts quicker the closer we get to Spring.  But there is something pretty about snow too just makes it hard for people to get around.

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WEDNESDAY ~ ABC Wednesday and Warm My Heart

Here she is again on Cape Ann MA  ~ D ~ for Dog for ABC and she certainly 'warms my heart.'

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Like the trees (as fence) as well as the post and rail fence.
Love the barn here in Essex on Cape Ann MA

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A bit of pink sky despite Winter on Cape Ann MA ~ 

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Haiku for you and for Rebecca's

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SATURDAY ~ Camera Critters and Saturday Critters 
'Little Zoe' on beach  on Cape Ann MA ~ Her expression was something I couldn't resist
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SUNDAY ~ Sunday Sketches
An 'Angel Fish' sketch from 'Glosta' on Cape MA for:

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We are wishing you magic in your week. xox

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