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Another blog week begins on Cape Ann MA.
We have photography, haiku, art and links
to those types of blogs too. Grab a cup of tea,
or coffee or? ~ Set a spell and enjoy the blog ~
 We love having you.

(scroll down for the link you want, thanks.)

'The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness
and the power of contemplation than upon mere
~ Aristotle

Our World Tuesday ~ 
Calm waters on Cape Ann MA but an overcast sky ~ 

Ruby Tuesday Too
Love the clusters of poppies here on Cape Ann MA

ABC Wednesday ~ letter is Y
Y ~ A yacht on Cape Ann MA ~ notice the 'no wake sign' ~
Good boaters obey this sign especially around sailboats
small boats and kayakers.

Watery Wednesday ~ 
Hearty Boaters on Cape Ann MA  ~ Here you can see 
the 'wake' from another boat speeding by.

Thankful Thursday ~ 
Thankful that the flowers on Cape Ann MA are blooming
despite the ever changing weather.

Sky Watch Friday ~ 
Skies on Cape Ann MA lately always seem to be
ominous at the end of the day.

Haiku My Heart with Rebecca ~
There is 'hope' on Cape Ann MA ~ weather has got to
improve ~ right? Anyway ~ a haiku (haiga) for you.

Paint Party Friday ~ 
Exploring 'etegami' again and it must be Cape Ann MA influence that I keep going back to 'fish'.

Saturday Critters and Camera Critters ~ 
This seagull loves to visit the deck on Cape Ann MA.

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ 
When there is sun on Cape Ann MA, makes for good shadow shots ~ not much sun lately, though ~ Memorial Day feels like winter still ~ cold and rainy. 

Sunday Sketches ~ 
Trying my hand at 'fish' again ~ photo is a bit gray ~ doubt we 
have 'angel fish' on Cape Ann MA ~ do have 'angels'. 

The Best for Last ~ 
'This weather is for 'the birds' 

We are wishing you a happy week. ^_^

Your posted comments are a treasure to us thanks ~ ^_^ 

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