Through the Lens Week 51

'Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.'
~ Omar Khayyam

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We are on the beach but it is very cold! Brrrrrrr! ~
 (S) ~ Snow Still Here on Cape Ann MA

A 'close up' of the melting ice on Cape Ann MA in March!

A sampling of Winter/Spring on Cape Ann MA

'Q' for the Queen's beach chair on Cape Ann MA

A haiku of yin and yang ~ Winter and Springtime on Cape Ann MA

We are wishing you sunshine in your day. xo

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Weekend Through the Lens 50

 'Give me the splendid silent sun with all his beams full dazzling.'
~ Walt Whitman

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My Sunday Photo

'Beyond the Sea' ~ my love waits there.' Lobster Boat on Cape Ann MA.

A Haiku to 'heal the soul.'

Grateful for the few good days we have had this winter on Cape Ann MA.

She left me again to go in that store ~ I want to go to the beach!
(I am the 'only critter' we have seen lately.)

Can we go South next winter?????? A Place to walk on a beach??????
(I am the only 'critter' we have seen lately ~ besides the birds)

Sun trying its best to stay out this morning ~ More snow predicted.

We are wishing you best each day. xo

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Through the Lens Week 50

'Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened,' ~ Anatole Frank

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'Sun' a rarity for months glistens on the harbor on Cape Ann MA recently.

'Back yard of our house still piled with snow but sun glistens and creates shadows today.

The beach on Cape Ann MA awaits for the weather to change. 

'R' ~ Ray of sunshine ~ 'Our plant knows it's Spring ~ even if Mother Nature doesn't.'

'There she is with that 'dang' camera.' Maybe if I don't look she won't see me.

A Haiku for you and my 'muse' ~ she teaches me many things.

We are wishing you spring time glow without snow. xo

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