Through the lens provides me time to enjoy the beauty of the moment. Always a wonderful feeling to 'be' in the 'now.'

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New England is experiencing a Nor'ester ~ Thus the photo through my window of rain, wind and evern some sunlight ~ Weather has been very strange ! Sharing with:

Sky Watch Friday

W for Wood ~ Look closely and you will see that this is a log of wood and the white part is nature's creation of 'old wood' on the log ~ sharing with:

Alphabe Thursday

'On the Beach' ~ Artmusedog, my assistant, (not her real name) leaves her signature on her favorite beach, sharing with?

Haiku ~ 'prompt' ~ 'longing' sharing with:

Carpe Diem Haiku

This is exactly how the trees were growing 'over' the Ipswich River ~ sharing with:

Black and White Wednesday

'O' for On the Hunt ~ my little assistant on the beach doing what comes naturally : sharing with:

My blog is lacking a little color so am adding this for one of my 'sharings' ~ I always love the old dead tree still standing amongst the healthy growth. Of course ~ the ocean is a deep blue and the sky another shade of beautiful blue. Sharing with:

Our World Tuesday

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QUOTE TO PONDER: 'The journey is the reward.'
~ Chinese proverb