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Nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished.'
~ Lao Tzu

~ 'Home Sweet Home.' ~

I enjoy traveling and visiting different parts of the world like I did a few weeks ago but it is ever so lovely to come home,
especially to my little 'fur person.'

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Wednesday ~ 
X for eXtraordinary to me to see people drinking outside the pub in London, England. In the States one would never see this unless the pub had outdoor seating.

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Thursday ~ 
A courtyard in the private club we stayed at in London, England

London has wonderful fences and many are wrought iron ~ Wonderful visit but one surely needs at least a month to really tour the place properly.

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Friday ~ 
A haiku for you and sharing with:

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An Asian type sketch modeled after an art form called
'etegami' ~ a very casual and fluid form of art.

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Not your 'average' critters ~ seen at The Tower in London, England ~ they are made from a very fine wire and are rather life like and fascinated me.

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Sunday on Saturday ~ 
A walk in the park along the harbor. So good to be home near
the ocean, smelling and feeling the salt air.

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Sunday ~ 

An Asian type sketch from my artist journal.

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We are wishing you happiness each day, xox

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