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So begins another blog week on Cape Ann MA

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'Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens.'
~ Carl Jung

Our World on Cape Ann MA had many days of rain but with it came this beautiful rainbow ~ I was able to step outside to get this photo as the rain had stopped, gratefully.

Sharing with Our World Tuesday 

Through the rain drops ~ a Beautiful Rainbow on
Cape Ann MA

Where was my U ~ for Umbrella when I needed it for
ABC Wednesday 
Hopefully someone will pick up when it ends soon ~  these lovely people have kept this link alive and fun for 10 years ~ Bravo to you! xox

'Little Thing' on Cape Ann MA trying to hide.

Sharing with Little Things Thursday

A haiku for you and Haiku My Heart ~
(sky on Cape Ann MA ~ delightful)

A Cape Ann MA angel w/c from my artist's journal.

Sharing with Paint Party Friday 

Two crows showed up on tree on Cape Ann MA

Sharing with: Saturday Critters and Camera Critters

Shadows on the beach in a 'summer type day in Nov'
on Cape Ann M

Sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday 2 

A w/c angel from my artist's journal ~

Sharing with: Sunday Sketches

We are wishing you the best in each day. xox

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