Monday, August 25, 2014


Through the lens I see the transition of summer to autumn.

(Scroll down for the link you want.) Photos, Haiku and sometimes a bit of art added all week.

Park Street Church in Boston MA ~ sight of many social issues interventions for:

Weekend in Black and White link

Water Reflections in Manchester Harbor MA for:

Weekend Reflections link

Straight out of the camera ~ nature's beautiful sky palette yesterday on Cape Ann MA  ~ Taken with Fujifilm XT 1 new 'mirrorless' camera ~  On the beginning of learning curve with new camera for:

Sky Watch Friday link

Even ArtMuse Dog was enchanted with these delightful little combos of carriage and bicycle!

Friday Photo Journal link

for Little Things link

Haiku originating after trip to Boston for:

Haiku My Heart link

Haiku Friday link

'O' for Old Tools found at the Essex MA boatyard for:

Alphabe Thursday link

Active Boat Yard Builder in Essex MA on Cape Ann MA for:

Black and White Wednesday link

image-in-ing link

'Summer time fun' on the Essex River in Essex MA ~ a part of Cape Ann MA for:

Our World Tuesday link

Haiku for 'prompt' "New Moon" for:

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai link

We are wishing you the best in each day. ^_^

Your posted comments are a delight to us! Thanks.

QUOTE TO PONDER: 'There are some things you learn best in calm and some in storm.' ~ Willa Cather

HOUSEHOLD HINT: ' Got a splinter, use scotch tape. It will remove most splinters painlessly and easily.' 
source: 2007 Holistic Health Guide