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Our World Tuesday ~ 
The rocky coast of Cape Ann MA and the wild surf
from all the variable weather.

ABC Wednesday ~ letter is X 
X ~ marks the spot for this ocean duck who despite the cold windy day this duck was having a lovely swim on
Cape Ann MA ~
 Zoe and I were walking rather fast
as it was  a bit cold and all I had was my iPhone.

A Simple Town Life ~ What are you grateful for?

Despite the rain, fog, wind and cold and hot temperatures ~
I am grateful for this beautiful flower and others in my yard on
Cape Ann MA that are thriving with the variable weather.

Haiku My Heart ~ 

Haiku for you from Cape Ann MA ~ 

Sky Watch Friday ~ 
Gentle sky at twilight over Cape Ann MA 

Paint Party Friday 
Working on free hand watercolor angels ~
Hope you don't get bored with them

Saturday Critters and Camera Critters ~ 
My favorite 'critter' on Cape Ann MA or anywhere. ^_^

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ 
 St. Peter's Fiesta is coming and this was display at the nine day 
novena on Cape Ann MA. It is an Italian event that is in
its 90th year. Also, this is part of a display the women
put together for the novena that began
last Monday. The quote touched my heart deeply.

Sunday Sketches ~ 

More watercolor angels done freehand  ~ 
I am attempting to create some quality 
watercolor angels ~ bare with me. thanks.

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We are wishing you a lovely week. ^_^

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