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Week Through the Lens 55

'I have woven a parachute out of every thing broken.'
~ William Stafford

We are linked this week with these creative bloggers:

'Through the glass darkly' ~ Our World on Cape Ann MA

'Prompt' ~ 'Wild Violets'  ~ I did an 'ad lib' and chose 'shrinking violets' ~ Wild I am.

A sparrow hawk, I believe visited us on Cape Ann MA

Bicycles actually standing up; rather than just thrown on the ground. I was amazed!
'W' for wheels for Alphabe link

Unique sky one night this week on Cape Ann MA ~ Dazzling light through dark clouds.

If it is not 'snow' this year then it is a 'week of rain' predicted. Fun,fun, fun!

The 'best' for last ~ She is about to 'nod off' as you can see from her eyes.

We are wishing you a delightful week. xo

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Weekend Through the Lens 54

'Nature itself is the best physician.'
~ Hipprocates

A bit late posting ~ We are linked with these creative

A black and white shot of the rocky coast that is another treasure of this area of Cape Ann MA
Hope you are able to see the artistic beauty of nature. We live in a beautiful place.

These two 'working men boats' seem to be the first in the water and the last to leave.
They work hard for a living but seem to like what they do. They are a treasure to me.

You can see I was captured by the rocks and reflections not having seen it for some months with
all the snow Cape Ann got this Winter. So here is another of our rocky coast line.

This handsome 'fur person' was so regal looking that I asked its owner if I might take
a photo ~  The 'fur person' was fascinated by something so it was a challenge to take his photo.

Seagulls on Cape Ann MA are sometimes taken for granted and not appreciated. I am
fascinated by them and also the rocky shores we have and all the textured barnacles.

This little one was so intrigued with ArtMuse that it took several shots to have her look
into the camera. Her Dad told me she was also delighted with the rock she had found.

Wishing you the best in each day. xo

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Through the Lens Week 54

' Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.' ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

This week we are sharing with these creative bloggers:

World of kite flying on Cape Ann MA ~ All ages and levels of experience ~ Fun!

The 'Pro's were taking a break and kites resting on the ground. Fun morning!

'V' for Very windy on Cape Ann MA ~ All ages and experience delighting in kite flying!

She's got that 'camera' gadget out again. I want to rest. She is always having me pose.

Haiku ~ sharing with Haiku My Heart

A morning of viewing kite flying on Cape Ann MA for SkyWatch Friday

We are wishing you delight in each day. xo

Your posted comments are a treasure to us. thanks!