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So begins another blog week.

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'It long has been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.'
~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It was a 'cotton candy' fog this week at times on Cape Ann MA.
Here you see an island in the middle of Gloucester Harbor. Its name is Ten Pound Island ~ Legend has it that it was bought from the 'Indians' for ten pounds.

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'L' for Little Soccer Pros on Cape Ann MA ~

The young girl in the chair was playing a game on her iPad while her younger brother was playing soccer. They are my niece and nephew ~ Fun watching them play ~ Despite being only second graders many of them seem to know what it was all about.  More than I can say for myself. Even Zoe enjoyed watching the game despite the autumn like weather.

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For 'Good Fences' because I forgot to link up last week.
This is a functional fence at a local Cape Ann MA restaurant on an outside dock where a friend and I had dinner.

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A haiku for you from Cape Ann MA

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Another 'etegami' type sketch/painting from my artist journal.

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Paint Party Friday

Sunday Sketches from England

I am the only critter she has photographed on Cape Ann MA recently. Problem with back has held us up from walking as much. We are 'on the mend'. Gratefully.
Yet, I still don't quite like the camera.

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Colorful Autumn decorations seen at our local
farmers market on Cape Ann MA

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We are wishing you a most gentle week. xox

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