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Gentle Watercolor

Welcome to our blog where we view life from the eyes of an artist's soul and explore how creativity enhances the inner spirit.

Today we are exploring a poetry (haiku) blog and an artist's blog where you are able to view creativity in action. Hope this delights you inner spirit.

We are linked to Haiku Heights and Artist's Play Room (click on the link to go there) Have fun. Below is my haiku for HH, prompt word was 'lock' and above is a gentle watercolor for APR ~ ^_^

unlock heart, freedom
connect, meet others love flows
nature fills vacuum.

without river locks, 
ponds, lakes are formed readily
mother nature knows.

hair with dreadlocks style
lovely to some, ugly some
be true to your self.

Wishing you a magical and loving weekend.

Hugs and namaste,


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  1. I like the mother nature one best.. It just fits, somehow.. :)

    And also the last haiku.. stay true to yourself.. the message is good. :D

    Thanks for gracing the heights as always!

  2. Always best to be true to yourself.

  3. Cool painting....I love your connections with nature....and the dreadlock lines are amusing....Always enjoy your work....

  4. so serene and honest haiku :) loved all three of them, tranquility flow throughout..... <3


  5. Very good message Carol, particularly the one- true to self, happy weekend!

  6. I do so love flowers! This is so sweet! :)

  7. Beautiful flower! and your second haiku is sooo true!

  8. what a sweet painting, carol. I love the blurred edges. wonderful and art ALWAYS fits into APR, whether it's the theme or not. Thanks so much for participating, you're always welcome in my Play Room. ;o)

  9. I love the message in your haiku.

  10. that is a lovely gentle watercolour and just what I wanted to see... very soothing...xx

  11. Hello Carol, I love your sweet watercolor... and your haiku, yes, let us be true to ourselves... I think then our hearts open in oh so many ways... Thank you!

  12. Love your sweet watercolor ... Gentle set of Haiku as well. Flaming Locks

  13. Lovely haiku. Thankyou for sharing.


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